Sponsor Spotlight: Lundy Plumbing and Heating Ltd

Lundy Plumbing & Heating Ltd. is returning for another year supporting the Green Gaels in 2024 in their efforts to capture their fifth Founders Cup National Championship.

Family owned and operated, Lundy Plumbing sets the standard for excellence in the plumbing and heating industry, consistently exceeding their clients' expectations. Their dedication to providing responsive care, friendly service, and transparent, value-driven pricing remains unwavering. Plumbing and heating are not just services for Lundy Plumbing; they are a part of their DNA.

At Lundy Plumbing & Heating Ltd., their mission is clear: to solve their customers' problems, exceed expectations, and continue the tradition of being a trusted family partner in the plumbing and heating industry. Lundy Plumbing & Heating Ltd. are not just in the business of pipes and pumps; they are in the business of building lasting relationships and ensuring the success of your systems.

You can learn more by visiting www.lundyplumbing.ca. You can find them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/lundyplumbingandheating) or on Instagram at @Lundy.plumbing.