Instead of Laying Off Durham Autoworkers, this business is transforming into something new.

DURHAM — In the wake of the General Motors (GM) decision to close its Oshawa plant, Greeley (a local quality inspection company for General Motors) was facing having to lay off 50 people. Instead the company is transforming, launching a new business venture and saving the jobs.

“When GM stops, we get to keep our jobs … We all have a lot of years in automotive,” said Rhonda Boyd, who has worked in the automotive industry for 20 years. “It’s like a family here. They really want to keep us employed.”

When General Motors announced the closure in November 2018, Greeley CEO Brenda Kelly said she didn’t sleep for days. 80 per cent of Greeley’s revenue was from General Motors. The majority (60 to 70 per cent) of Greeley employees worked directly in the General Motors plant doing finishing work and inspection before vehicles were shipped.

“For every one GM job there’s seven feeder plant jobs … I was worried for these guys,” said Kelly.

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