Eastern Conference Playoffs

It came down to the final day of the regular season but the standings are finally set. 

There were a total of three games Monday night all of which had playoff implications.

Green Gaels vs Bulldogs

The Bulldogs went into the game knowing a win could potentially move them into 4th place and allow them to avoid a first round matchup against the Knights, Northmen and/or Green Gaels. The Bulldogs won 8-3 moving them into a tie for 4th place with Akwesasne and West Durham. The Indians were also in action however and looking to clinch 4th place for themselves.

Indians vs Knights.

A win meant nothing to the Knights but everything to the Indians. A win would guarantee them 4th place while a loss could have led to a 3 way tie. The Indians were able to break a late 7-7 tie and would win the game 9-7 clinching 4th and dropping the Bulldogs and Ironheads into a 5th place tie 

Excelsiors vs Northmen

The Excelsiors needed a win, it was do or die. The 2022 Founders Cup Hosts needed a win or they would completely miss playoffs. Unfortunately they lost 7-3 and will now sit idle until the Founders Cup in August. The loss allowed Orillia to clinch the 8th and final playoff spot.

Final Standings

Nepean Knights

Orangeville Northmen

Green Gaels

Akwesasne Indians

Halton Hills Bulldogs 

West Durham Ironheads 

Gloucester Griffins

Orillia Kings

Playoff Matchups will now be determined shortly with Nepean followed by Orangeville and then the Green Gaels picking their first round opponents from the Bulldogs, Ironheads, Griffins and Kings. Akwesasne will play the team not chosen.

Stay tuned for our opponent and schedule.